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Bout time for an update.

The holiday season was a very busy and stressful one....actually I didnt celebrate xmas this year.

Didn't have the good old xmas spirit.

But that last 5 weeks have been very....very busy.
  • I had a "high fidelity" moment (good movie btw) where I met up with my ex. Hindsight is 20/20 and Im finally happy to say that chapter of my life is over with. Im glad we didnt get married...it wouldve ended in a disaster and I got a bad enough track record with relationships that I dont need to add a divorce on there as well.
  • During the high fidelity moment I realize a serious fault of mine...I dont open up to people...at all. Even some of my closest friends I disclose certain things but not EVERYTHING. So it was brought to my attention and apparently it made sense coming from a good male friend than a female friend. Im guessing that you think girlfriends have to have your back in those situations. But I made the brave move of letting someone in and it worked.
  • My family stressed the hell out of me....Ive come to the conclusion I know why people move away from their families when they get older. at least put a hour road trip in between is a good clause.
  • I've been looking for part-time work in my profession and decided that...I love kids and all but it would be an overkill and I would start to hate my job. Soooo Im taking a risk to explore my artistic side with my business partner. Nutting huge just going ahead and doing it. 
  • I can honestly say I'm content with how things are with the guy. I'm not in a rush to get married, kids scare the hell out of me...hell dont even think I can have kids but the peer pressure of seeing my friends settle down and have families just makes me want to take a vacation in europe while I still can....LOL
  • I bought a car
The past year 2008, wasnt the best and it wasnt the worst year Ive experience it was just a basic year. But I do have a new outlook on the upcoming year of 2009....I'm optimistic for once and hope my optimism and drive will bring success to me this year. 

Now I know that was a vague as hell ramble but cant go into great detail at the moment just because Im a supersititious bastard and that just how I roll...lol

But I do have a rant on the way, just dont have the time to post it at the moment.....I will begin with this.....

Whose bright fucking idea was it to close ALL the bridges from VA to DC on the day of the inaguaration?!?! and the stupiditiy of all this shit starts SATURDAY BEFORE the inaguaration....How the FUCK am I....a HEALTH CARE PROVIDER AND ONE YOU WILL CALL IF A MASS CASUALITY OCCURS can get into the FUCKING CITY!?!?!?

I knew DC was stupid...but got dayum?!? the only thing that makes sense is there was an actually threat made and they are taking precautions....but shit....really? I was actually going to go down there but shit since I live in Virginia and I cant get anywhere near the city except metro and/or buses -and lets be serious how reliable are they when a regular event, rush hour occurs- I guess I'll keep my hind parts at home.....

Expect more rants to come the closer we get to this day.