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Well the day has finally arrived. The day many people are excited and cheering about, the day some are in tears of joy, the day many thought they would never live to see (including me), a historic day, a day filled with hope and apprehension.

President-Elect Barack Obama is being sworn into office....

*whew* Now, Ive listen to alot of what people have had to say about this day and the months leading up to this day since he won on Nov 4th. Ive heard everything....and I mean everything. The mean words from those that opposed him, to the racist things Ive heard come out of peoples mouths who made me look twice at them as individuals.

I'm not going to preach and say the man is going to change the country in a year....that man has a long hard road in front of him and to be honest I'm apprehensive but mostly my apprehension comes from the fact that the first time in a long time I actually have HOPE for this country.

I've been disillusioned by the American goverment since I was in high school and even became more disillusioned afer 9/11 and the War in Iraq. I didnt believe in the government and honestly detested everything there was to do with the government. My thoughts and political views went from relatively conservative/liberal to pretty much radical leftist in that time frame.

But I have to give Mr. Obama credit because he also became a new hope in the black communitity. (Yes he is biracial but it wasnt too long ago that if you had a drop of black blood in you...you were black...Jim Crowe laws werent that long ago...my grandparents were a part of that and my parents felt it too...there are still places in the South I wont go to)

Because I had long since given up on anyone steppin up to the plate, but Mr. Obama didn't only reach out to my communitity but to every communitity. The African American vote didn't get him in the office...it was the American vote that got him in there.

Its interesting while I still hold some contempt for the United States Goverment, I actually am hopeful. I think thats why there is a vast array of emotions today. Because for the first time in a long time....there is actually HOPE.