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The last 10 weeks can be described as.....tumultous.

I have never been this busy in years...not just at work...Oh no....I actually put life back into my social life and to be honest.....its kind of fun.

Previous months Ive been a very happy and content homebody enjoying my netflix and my house but with the change in weather...ie it getting warmer...Ive been venturing out more often.

Newhoos....besides going out and meeting new and very interesting people Ive been exploring a side of my personality that has been hidden for years....never dormant just very well hidden...

You see....I wanted to be a dancer.

Now before you laugh...not a ballerina...I hate tutus...nope I wanted to be in the next Janet Jackson video when I was a kid...LOL (to this day I can still remember and perform some of her videos and do Thriller justice)

It was a game my younger sister and I would "play" watch the videos (this was prior to all the booty shaking that has takin over all rap videos and there is a distinct difference between rap and hip hop) and would perform these later.

Hell even up until about a year ago we would still act stupid when music came on with our erratic and random dancing that was always in rhythm.

So I signed up for a class...no big deal just a fun way to exercise and figured hell im 27 might as well do it now. Well couple of weeks ago I got asked to perform at a spring show...again no big deal there are 11 of us and this wouldnt be the first time on a stage...I use to be on the step team with my sorors...

We start learning the routine and it is intricate but do able...so just had to get my nerves together for the big show...right? until I got a call from my instructor that she was asked to perform for the studio at a launching party for a entertainment company...

Huh? What?

Figured ah why the hell not and agreed...yeah never realized what I signed up for until I arrived there...masses of people on the spirit of mt. vernon boat, live music and there is no stage just an area to perform and we had to do it twice (me, the instructor, another chick).

First performance was all nerves...my jacket came off, my scarf fell off and I left the stage on the wrong side...but I survived. Next performance and a few shots later...much better, still had some faults but a bigger improvement from the 1st.

So I was excited I survived and was ready for the third and final performace at the recital...that was until my father saw the video and said the immortal words "Looks like you need to practice a little more"

"ouch- et tu brute?"

So instead of sulking I turned his comment into fuel and I knew what I needed to work on....so I practice...

Sunday came around and honestly we gave our best performance yet...I was damn near jumping off the stage and hitting every move sharp and with precision.

Long story short...my dad told me "That was damn good" 

So I got to let a hidden part of my personality flourish and Im looking forward to the fall show as well...Now I just gotta come up with an alter ego like Beyonce's Sasha Fierce....hmmmm "Niki fierce?" Naw that sounds wack....back to the drawing board.