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Man in the Mirror

Yesterday at work a co-worker very rudely told me that "Michael Jackson had died" I didn't believe it and asked her who told you that? her father confirmed it...unless your dad is a correspondent with CNN or was a doctor in the room or an actual Jackson themselves...I ain't believing it...and although it is true...sadly I still don't believe it.

I have always been a fan of MJs...since I can remember, probably one of the first videos I saw was "Thriller" and we had the VHS making of and the entire Thriller video....to this day I still cannot watch to the very end because the zombies face at the end scared the shit out of me and probably why I dont like Zombie movies now....unless they are dancing...LOL

MJ and his sister Janet were my first dance teachers....I was that kid at the family reunions who would get the request...."Do the Michael Jackson" Even now that I finally realize my dream of becoming a dancer I can still perform every MJ and JJ routine that I learned...maybe a little rusty but its ingrained in me.

My sisters and I (the oldest first and when she was too cool for me, my younger sister) we would learn the routines...even the old J5 routines....MJ "BAD" tour was my first concert I ever went to at the Capitol Center in MD. I was in 2nd grade and was the coolest kid in class because I was going to see MJ. That almost didnt occur because I went to the school RN had a temp of 102-103 and refused to go home because I didnt want to miss the concert. Fortunately my mom gave me some tylenol and cold packs (later found out I had my second round with Scarlet Fever) and I went to the concert. Its kinda funny to think as a pediatric RN now that my mom probably shouldnt have taken me to the concert and kept me home until I had a doctors appt. But then again it was Michael Jackson in his prime....I would still be salty I missed that.

Although that last years of his life have been marred with controversy, I can honestly say regardless you cannot denie the man was prolific in the entertainment industry. He was the first black man I ever saw on MTV as a kid and only watched it for his videos afterward. The amount of music in his cataloge is ridiculous I mean every age group could listen to him, my father has the J5's first album to this day and my grandmother has his greatest and thriller on her Ipod.

I mean people are gonna joke and say what they want to say but you cannot denie Michael Jackson was a bad muthafucka when it came to his music and dancing.

So although I haven't bought an Album of his since Invincible, I still consider myself a fan, and it hasnt truly hit me yet....

Just speechless....