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Bringing in the New Decade.

Its just occured to me that the new year is a new decade....damn a decade gone already? shit...

This is the first decade where I can actually look back and reflect since I entered the decade as a young adult. Damn, when I brought in the 2000s, I was finishing my 1st semester in college, didn't have a car, running track, in a relationship with cochese and looking foward with hope, sincerity and a unquestionable innocence of being 18 and naiive...

HA has shit changed since then!

Over the past 10 years my goals have changed and my accomplishments are varied. I remember thinking that I would be married finishing my residency to be an OB/GYN and living in a townhouse somewhere in virginia.

Career wise; it hasn't varied much, I got my degree in Biology but med-school dream died. I refocused and went back to school and became a pediatric nurse. Still stayed in the medical field but not half bad.

I think the biggest change has been personal changes. I started out with my highschool sweetheart and ended up breaking up, after dating a few I got serious with one and even engaged but after that relationship and how it went down I can honestly say that even though it put me through the ringer that relationship started a metamorphsis that hindsight I'm glad I endured.

It took ten years for me to finally get comfortable and not hide who I am. I became more sarcastic, I recognized that yes I am a nerd and I like comics, video games and I am a HUGE fan of DC COMICS (Batman-yes I go comic book conventions!) and I write fanfiction? say something..LOL

I  dont have to apologize for my eccentrics that close family and friends know and love to hate but its how I am so deal with it. I became unapologitic in my views and my opinions. I always respected other views but I wasn't going to bite my tongue anymore and lastly I realize that I like who I am and If you don't then tough shit...lol

Now looking back I can appreciated how much ive grown, interesting enough I brought 2000 in with cochese and Im bringing in the 2010 with cochese...hmmm, I wont speculate lol.

But after the reflecting and seeing where I am today, I only say one thing about the last 10 years...."Not bad...Not bad at all" 



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Dec. 31st, 2009 06:10 am (UTC)
Does it ever feel like our lives just go in more circles? As we get older, and I think the more relationships we have, the more sarcastic we get... lol. I know it seems I am never quite satisfied; like something is always missing. My life is pretty good, but is their some glich in our chemistry that makes people like that in general?
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