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Don't you just hate it when....

Don't you just hate it when your work environment is 99% estrogen and you have to act out of character so people will leave you the hell alone?

Don't you just hate it when your really trying to be a friend and those that know me know I accept people for who they are faults and all..I have friends that I like other qualities over other shit that annoys me...But Im so tired of psychoanalyzing myself to this chick because I put up personal/emotional barriers? um geez wouldn't you if you kept trying to figure out my personality? damnit Ive only gotten cool with you this year? my friends of 20 plus year just finally got me so what makes you think you will? and then to question stuff and Im so tired of psychoanalyzing but yet its ok to come at me but GODFORBID I question you but then again...I don't because I know people have there quirks and it took me today to figure out this chick has her quirks and she needs to start looking at the woman in the mirror and stop picking what I do.....

A part of me want to yell at her.."Bitch you don't know me well enough!" (Thanks Tovah!) 

Ahh well I got enough shit going on in my personal life with the man I sleep with to be worried about what she thinks of me...I think I will quote Jay Z when I say..."Either love me or leave me alone!"

Ahhh....yes....the mad ranter is back! LOL