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Da Art of Storytelling...

Warning!!: Overactive Imagination at work

One-hundred percent intelligent black child....
10 July 1981
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This is the third of my three blogs and its home to my first HP FanFic: Edgedancer of Madness.

Not only will I update chapters on here but I have a tendency to post almost anything on here since I'm thinking of shutting down my blogspot and my other I've had for so long I post there for the hell of it.

My very first fanfic was a Pippi Longstocking one where I had pippi going off to the Ring of Fire to save her friend Atlana (See first sign of overactive imagination). After that I started writing Horror stories (My favorite the Wendigo from highschool), poems (I have tons of journals filled with pubescent angst) and Real Ghostbusters.

I had no clue how big the HP Fanfic thing was until after I read HBP someone sent me the link to "After the End" by Arabella and Zsenya and I read it several times. After that I discovered "Save Me" by SaraEK and then I stumbled across "Menace" by NashiraLesath and the lovely site SimplyUndeniable.com

It was then after much debate that I said "The hell with it! FFic's needs new blood" thus was the beginning of Edgedancer of Madness and my love affair with HP Fanfiction.

Newhoo, Im 26y.o. AfroAmericano living in NOVA, the name Enygma is from a friend saying Im hard to figure out and 1920 is the founding year of the sorority Im in...

UpDate I grew up over the summer and decided to buy a condo. Yep alot of growing up occured over the summer and the past year. I'm still writing, only instead of one chapter at a time, I work on several at a time. Find it easier to keep me from losing it...LOL, but I tend to hang around this joint more often....gotta alot to say and oh so little time.....

Aight enough about me....Go read my -ish

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check out Edgedancer of Madness and other great fanfics at SimplyUndeniable.com